Is ISIS full of «true believers»?

Why Evolution Is True

You’ve probably seen or heard about the discussion between Sam Harris and Graeme Wood over at Sam’s website, a discussion called «The true believers.» Wood, of course, has become famous—and notorious—for his analysis of ISIS’s theological background in a piece that appeared in The Atlantic (see my post for the link). Wood’s thesis, which he supported by interviewing ISIS supporters outside the Middle East (the man is no fool and didn’t want to be beheaded), was that ISIS represents an apocalyptic strain of Islam, justified by the Qur’an, that aims to establish an ever-expanding Caliphate and longs for a final battle with the West, during which Jesus will appear and save Islam.

Wood was taken to task for the usual things: neglecting «other motivations» for ISIS’s behavior, failure to interview members of ISIS in the Middle East, and for his «un-nuanced» interpretations of theology. By and large, he took as…

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