Shubbak 2015: First Events on Sale, Including Opera Based on ‘Cities of Salt’


Shubbak — London’s «window» on contemporary Arab culture — has revealed part of its 2015 lineup, which includes four scenes from a new opera based on Abdelrahman Munif’s seminal novel:

shubbakThe opera is by Syrian composer Zaid Jabri. According to Shubbak organizers:

The year is 1932. Oil has been discovered and the men and women of one small oasis are caught in the whirlwind of forces embodied by the oil industry and the local oligarchy. Against the backdrop of conflicting interests and different cultures, they must stake their claim on humanity: a new epoch is being born. Working in collaboration with award-winning writers Yvette Christiansë and Rosalind Morris, Jabri skilfully sets a daring and poetic libretto to music that draws on both Arab and European musical traditions, bringing this modern tale to life in all its poignancy and violence. This concert performance, performed by Southbank Sinfonia with seven soloists and chorus, features…

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